Primahood 1 & 2

Primahood is the interweaving of two narrative spaces: MamaPants and Primazonia. Together, they tell stories and ask questions that might lead to thoughts about femaleness, social constructs, where we are, where we are going, and how we relate to one another. Also, you might laugh. Welcome to Primazonia!

BOOKS and other goodies:

Primahood: 4 Ever!
24pp. full color, $8 + shipping.

Primahood: Three Times the Charm
28pp. printed in B & W, $5 + shipping.

Primahood: The Second Album
24pp., full color, $8 + shipping

Primahood, the first - OUT OF PRINT
28pp., full color, $6.50 + shipping

Primazon Paper Dolls - two dolls, each comes with two sheets of clothing, tattoos, and accessories.
color, $6 + shipping

Tomboy mini-book (comic)
$2 + shipping

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"The Primazons...worth a thousand words... but some of them are words that are not yet a part of our language. Mamapants explores what it is to be female, to be a mother, to be a child, told in beautifully expressive drawings." ~Roberta Gregory, Naughty Bits

"A charming, complex look into femaleness."
~ MariNaomi, Kiss & Tell

"If you have a girlchild, or know somebody who has a girlchild, get this fierce book. It's pretty, it's cleanly-drawn, it's joyful and ferocious. Get that Grrl some extra copies, too, to hand out on the bus, or to replace the ones her friends will steal."
~Donna Barr, The Desert Peach, Stinz

"Tyler Cohen's Primahood is what it is - the fine art of motherhood. And Tyler executes it exquisitely."
~Kris Dresen, Gone, She Said, Grace

"Deciding what's important as a parent is relatively easy; it's when your kids decide something else that the irony, the pain, and the hilarity of being a radical parent hit you in the face. Tyler Cohen's images and words in Primahood capture it all!"
~Tomas Moniz, Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood

"Every mother eats her heart out looking for the answers, kids just eat the hearts of their mothers, so perfectly darwin. Tyler Cohen pitches us the big mirror with magic hands and twinkle in her eye."
~Kim Anno, Artist

"Tyler Cohen perfectly captures the emotional frenzy of motherhood in this clever cacophony of figurative drawing and comic."
~James Bernard Frost, A Very Minor Prophet

© Tyler Cohen