About Tyler Cohen

Tyler Cohen is addicted to actual books and paper in a time when we are moving into the digital, and finds it highly ironic that she reads a lot of science fiction.

As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, she created her own program of interdisciplinary study in gender and sexuality, combining anthropology, literature, and visual art. Continuing her interdisciplinary tendencies, she made mini-comics in the '90s and '00s, including such titles as "Tattooed Women" and "Possum, #1-7," and contributed to the comics anthologies True Porn and Penny Dreadful Travel Guide to the Bay Area. In 2004, she earned her MFA in drawing and painting at California College of the Arts, and, shortly thereafter, had her first solo show.

Currently, she is working on a series of art-comics, the Primahood books. Three issues and counting, the series wanders through a multi-angle exploration of femaleness, mixing Mamapants vignettes--which speak from a place of being a feminist parent of a young daughter--with the surreal landscape of a group of beings called Primazons, and a journalistic dip into words and ideas. She is a contributor to the anthology "Qu33r," Northwest Press--a book that brings together a look at fresh and innovative non-heteronormative work.

Also in the works: a collaboration with her sister (the writer, Kerry Cohen) about female friendships (mostly the bad ones) from childhood to adulthood--coming in 2014 from Hawthorne Books.

Pieces from Primahood have been published online at Mutha Magazine.

She has shared her love of the comics medium as a Teaching Artist both weekly and in workshops at the San Francisco Children's Art Center.

Tyler Cohen lives in San Francisco and works as a freelance artist, teacher, and designer. Available for commissions.


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